Kids will be kids alright and sometimes the excitement of play is so overwhelming, those empty food packets and poppers somehow end up on the floor rather than the bin. It is a wonder that every morning, recess and lunch our school is tidy, clean and ready for action. It is no mystery, it is our hard working House Keeper who wipes the slate clean for another day.

Thank you Mrs Paula for your tireless efforts


Learning Support

"All students can learn and succeed, but not in the same day, in the same way". William G. Spady

The 2013 Early Intervention and support programs have made a significant difference in the academic results of K-3 students.
Mrs Ali and Mrs Ebrahimi have worked tirelessly with a wide range of students, implementing curriculum programs which target and support individual learning needs.



The administration office is where all the action begins. There is never a dull moment in this department, as they are called upon to fulfill every demand imaginable. Our administration staff have had the pleasure of assisting teachers, parents and students throughout this successful year.



I love nursing but most of all I love caring for children. Our children at Al Noori are precious and unique in their own way and hold a special place in my heart. No two days are ever the same in sick bay. I get to meet a wide range of wonderful kids each day and my message to parents and kids it to

* wash hands regularly
* drink plenty of water and rest
* cover your mouth when coughing and use a tissue when blowing your nose
* bring all important medication to the school nurse.

Registered Nurse


The counselling team have had a wonderful year working with all the lovely children and their families. Sulaima and Aisha are always here to help.


Al Noori Library has come a long way over the years. Our students enjoy visiting our library on a regular basis, much to their parents' delight. Books are being talked about at home and in class. Group readings with the librarian have had a positive effect.

Al Noori is constantly looking to upgrade the "heart" of our school with brand new books. We currently use a cutting edge software package to manager all aspects of the Library Administration. We are taking the library into the new age and ensuring our students are getting the best resources on offer. Some of our new resources are compliments of a successful Bookfair event this year which managed to raise considerable funds.


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