The boys' camp this year was held on Monday the 22nd – Wednesday 24th September at the Berry Sports and Recreation Centre, which is a wonderful site two hours south of Sydney.

Our boys were accompanied by Mr. Merheb, Sheikh Khaled, Mr. Kamaz, Mr. Sgamotta and Mr. Niazi. The theme of the camp was "Loving Allah and His Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)" and a number of small reminders were prepared and given by our Year 10 students after daily prayers.



Another year and another beautiful Ramadan has come and gone. This time however, the students of Al Noori Muslim School indulged themselves in a plethora of rewarding activities; Islamic talks were given by the Circle of Light group about Quran or the Sahabah, as well as general recitation of the Holy Quran in the hall. Of course, there were a minority who did not realise that these undertakings were blessings in disguise, all of us, fortuitously were able to acquire a great deal of reward.


Senior Campus Umrah Trip

The 2014 Umrah trip was a remarkable spiritual experience for all the students who attended

this journey to our beloved Madina and Makkah. It was the first Umrah trip offered to our students and alhumdulilah it was a phenomenal success, the responsibility, respect and maturity displayed by our students was admirable.   

The students experienced 5 nights in Madina Al Munawara and  5 nights in Makkah Al Mukarramah, they completed their first umrah on day 7 of this trip, a second umrah on day 8 and a third umrah on day 9.  Students also visited Mount Uhud, the Madina Musuem,  all the significant Hajj sites including Arafat and they climbed Mount Noor.  This trip has changed the lives of the students, they have returned with significant goals for personal improvement and acquirement of Islamic knowledge, they have vowed to pray Fajr on time everyday regardless of how tired and sleepy they feel and they already have plans tio return with their families.  I would like to sincerely thank Sheik Khaled Zraykah and Mr Omar Merheb for organising this trip and accompanying the students on this exceptional journey, May Allah (swt) accept your umrah, your dua and grant you the highest level of Jannah inshallah. 


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