The Arabic language is one of the great major international languages spoken around the world by millions of people. It is the only language that has remained preserved in its original form for centuries across long history of human society.


Long before the era of Renaissance that followed the medieval ages (in Europe), many types of various useful theoretical and applied sciences were written in Classic Arabic  for centuries, and continued to be so until our modern age.


Today Arabic is the official language of more than twenty five states in the Middle East, North and East Africa, and it's the mother tongue of the majority of their population. It is viewed as a sacred language by millions around the world as well.


Arabic is very vivid, colourful, intense, expressive, unique and rich, with a very wide range of vocabularies and styles.


For years, our school has had the honour of making notable improvements in contributing to the next generation becoming familiar with the Arabic heritage, and practices through written text.


Our students enjoy learning essential foundation words, and structures that enable them to understand Arabic sentences related to many aspects of our daily subjects and practices. They come prepared to express themselves in simple, but sound Arabic style with correct expressions.


Our students are now able to read Arabic properly and have acquired skills in using the Arabic alphabet and basic grammar to compose and write meaningful words and phrases.


Many Varieties of beautiful Arabic teaching aids are used, along with educational "Anasheed" and Arabic poems which were happily memorised and fluently chanted by our students on various occasions across most terms of this year. This has decorated the studying milieu and made the learning atmosphere visually appealing and stimulating.

Arabic is a fundamental language that holds a high position among other languages due the fact that Al-Quran is in Arabic, and Arabic is spoken widely in many countries. People around the world refer to Arabic as the language of the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran has preserved Arabic in its purest form. It's important that we teach Arabic at Al Noori Muslim School at its highest level in order to fulfil the needs of our religion.


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