Creative Arts

Al Noori classrooms are filled with vibrant colours that are visually pleasing. Students have tackled the arts like never before. Teachers create welcoming and nurturing working environments for their students. The display of artwork allows students to reflect on their work and to recognise their efforts. Students have a better understanding that learning is a process of growth, not just a process of mastery.


Students have learnt to incorporate various techniques and have explored different methods such as paining, sketching, print making and 3D art forms. They have also learnt to appreciate the value of making unique pieces of artwork that are artistic and unique. Though Creative Arts, children have numerous opportunities where they can recall experiences that are meaningful. The arts also promote problem solving skills and stimulate motivation.

Creative Arts can "open young minds to creative adventures capable of bringing enjoyment for a life time" (Clements & Wachowaik, 2010). Creative Arts produce positive learning outcomes, such as creating positive attitudes to learning, developing a greater sense of personal and cultural identity and fostering more creative and imaginative ways of thinking in young children.

This is what Al Noori Students have been showing; nothing less than true talent and creativity that has been depicted in their artworks. It allows them to express their feelings and appreciate the arts. Getting involved in all of the various art forms allows students to develop their own identity and confidence and to develop a sense of pride.

Creative Arts offers students an opportunity to learn from each other and to respect and appreciate the work of others. Thus, students establish a strong sense of classroom community.

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