I remember when I was first introduced to HSIE and when a student asked the teacher what HSIE stood for. His response was Holy Smoke it's Everything! and boy, was he telling the truth. HSIE encompasses everything in our civilization - both flora and fauna, natural and man-made and past and present events. There is such an array of things for students to learn about, like the people in Australia and other parts of the world and the social and physical environments in which we live.


So, what do Al Noori students learn? Students have the opportunity to delve in the realms of exploring their local area, the need for shelter, living in communities, state and National Parks, identity and values, transport, celebrations and visiting countries in South East Asia.


Throughout the year, students work towards acquiring social skills and engaging in civic participation and the enquiry process. This is evident throughout each stage and in each key learning area.


During these sessions, students are able to show off prior knowledge, understanding and acceptance of other cultures, their roles and their responsibilities in living in society. Also, students gained an appreciation of the environment in which we live in and how we must be mindful of our surroundings and appreciation of our unique world. This was evident though students' work samples and models which they created during the course of the year.

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