We recognise that numeracy, like literacy, is a crucial pillar of learning and an indispensable component of our school curriculum. We strongly believe numeracy is about students having the confidence to choose and use mathematics skills they learn at school in every day life, as well as the classroom.

As teachers, we feel it is important for children to have a variety of materials to manipulate and we continue to develop lessons that give all students the opportunity to sort, classify, weigh, stack and explore. We believe this helps children to construct mathematical knowledge through experience. It is our belief that valuable learning occurs when students actively create their own mathematical understanding, which we feel at Al Noori, is best taught using concrete materials.

Our school has been involved in a variety of stimulating mathematical activities and programs. A stand out program we feel has been an amazing success, is Mathletics. Our year 4-6 students participate in this computer based program, which allows each student to complete maths tasks online. These activities are an extremely engaging way for our students to be involved in maths. Every self-guided lesson brilliantly corresponds with what is being taught in the classroom for that particular grade. Every student has access to their own Mathletics account from both school and home. Also, students have the opportunity to participate in 'Live Mathletics'. This is where students can challenge their peers form all around the world. Teachers are also able to gain access to students' results, allowing them to closely monitor student' progress. Mathletics is truly a great tool for students and we hope that you encourage your child to participate.

Math-A-Fun is another exciting mathematical activity that Al Noori students are a part of. Students complete a stimulating and challenging quiz. Thank you to al those fabulous people who donated money to this great event in the past. All money goes towards buying wonderful mathematical resources for Al Noori Muslim School, so we can continue to create creative hands on mathematics lessons.

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