At Al Noori we believe physical education is an essential part of every student's education. We have strived to create quality physical education programs that help increase students' physical aptitude, health related fitness, self-responsibility and  enjoyment, which they will carry into their adult lives. We believe we can only achieve this by providing such benefits in our well-planned and well-implemented lessons.

We have provided athletics, gymnastics, and swimming programs, as well as a great variety of games and sports. These activities provided our students with the opportunity to develop into well rounded, confident and energetic individuals.

We endeavour to: 

1. Improve physical education

2. Develop skills

3. Provide regular physical activity

4. Facilitate responsibility and self discipline

5. Expand moral self judgement

6. Decrease stress

7. Strengthen peer relationships

8. Increase self-esteem and confidence. 

Contact Information

Al Noori Muslim School
75 Greenacre Road
Greenacre NSW 2190

Opening Hours:
8am to 4.30pm

+61 2 9790 5726

+61 2 9709 4122