Commerce / Business Studies

The study of Commerce allows our students to prepare for their future careers and lives. We cover a range of topics including; business, law, employment, retail and finance. As a result, they have developed their understanding and decision making skills on issues related to consumers, finances, businesses, law and employment.

The first Year 12 cohort of Al Noori are well into their HSC course. With the Year 11 course building a strong basis and foundation of understanding for their upcoming HSC, I would like to congratulate every student on their tremendous efforts and ambitious endeavours to achieve their absolute best.

The Year 11 Business Studies course was no walk in the park but rather an exciting, challenging and rewarding journey, shining a light on the reality of the business world. The students were introduced to the different areas that together form today’s business world including management, finance, marketing, operations and human resources.

By the end of the strenuous course, the students successfully delivered their own business plans, reflecting their sophisticated level of understanding. It also provided the students with rich understanding and insight into how a business is run, as well as outlining the personal and financial rewards of a successful business.

All the best Year 12, and remember; ‘the only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams is you’.

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