"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The 2014 English department knew they'd be in for yet another challenge this year, but nothing could prepare them for the reality they would face as technologically advanced Generation Z entered their classrooms. Alas, technology had consumed their students; "youse" was a common occurrence that left English staff cringing. They knew of only one way to resolve the grammatical glitch – inundate students with opportunities in English – and this they did!

In Term 1, two students from Al Noori were selected to represent the school at the Sydney Morning Herald's Plain English Speaking Competition. Year 11 student Maryam Nachabe and Hasan Mohammed from Year 10 did the school proud, presenting speeches that dealt with provocative and interesting topics to engage an audience from around the Bankstown Region. Hasan's speech proved too captivating, earning him a place in the quarter finals, as well as the semi-finals! Well done, Maryam! Congratulations, Hasan!

Also in Term 1, Al Noori's Year 10 student Hashir Khan submitted a short story to the National 'Write 4 Fun' Competition. His story, entitled 'Refugees', was selected as a runner up. Hashir Khan will have his story published in an anthology of student work. Congratulations, Hashir. You can also find Hashir's story at the following webpage: http://www.write4fun.net/view-entry/234131

This year marked the first year Al Noori established its very own debating team. Under the direction of Ms Jalloul, a number of students from all grades made a commitment to attend weekly debating meetings regarding modern day issues and the Australian government. It was definitely a successful initiative that trained students to become efficacious debaters with hopes of partaking in a number of upcoming debating competitions.

Alnoorians understand the importance of literacy and take the opportunity to celebrate and advance it in our school each year during National Literacy and Numeracy Week. Several activities were organised to engage students and promote both written and oral literacy.

We started the week off in the library with the book fair, where Mrs El Sheikh, the high school librarian, had carefully selected popular and classical novels, and non-fiction texts to suit our students. Students were invited to write book reviews and submit them for the perusal of their peers. Year 8 hosted "The Mad Hatter's Tea Party" to fit in their study of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, after all Alice did have quite a bit of cake during her riddle-solving and arithmetic-unravelling week in Underland! After that, students buzzed their way through a spelling bee only to land in the most challenging competition of them all: The Public Speaking Competition. Students were given a topic on the spot with only 10 minutes to prepare before presenting in front of an audience. We had a couple of students drop out but the rest made it through and it certainly was flabbergasting to see them deliver their speeches so well and with so little preparation. Winners and runners-up of each competition were awarded Westfield and Smiggle vouchers for their efforts. Congratulations to all students who participated in the different activities this year and Inshallah we will see more of you participate next year.

Many highlights took place in Term 3. On Wednesday 6th August, Year 10 students set off to the Playhouse Theatre at the Sydney Opera House to see Shakespeare's classic play, 'Macbeth'. It was decided by all that the play was fresh and dynamic, leaving us all spellbound from the moment the house lights were dimmed.

Year 7 student Ayah Dannoun submitted a poem about a talismanic object to the 'Red Room Poetry Object' Competition. Great effort, Ayah!

The English department would like to congratulate a valued staff member, Ms Hussein on the birth of her baby girl and thank her for her efforts in 2014. We would also like to welcome Ms Salma, an exceptional addition, on board our hardworking team.

We look forward to 2015!

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