“Every day of your life is but a page in your history” Arabian Proverb

Have you ever wondered from where you have come and to where you are heading? How empires come and go, rise and fall, perchance that one day you will become a great leader? And that too…what encompasses a great leader? What has become of those who roamed the earth with might and power? Have we taken heed of the lessons of the past to ensure the right choices are made for the future? Our history students delve into these inquiries and more in their quest of exploration into the human past, a past that they realise they have connection to…being human.

Our Year 7 students unfold the mysteries of their own pasts to create time capsules, remembering and recollecting cherished moments of their past, why they were important and discover who they are in the process.
Without a history, you have no identity. And so our Year 7’s discover and explore the worlds of the ancient past and medieval societies, fascinated by the fact that the rise of the Islamic civilisation ruled the world and laid the foundations of many of the subjects they study. Thus, their identities were coming to be defined in the greater scheme of past narratives. Inspired by past Muslim historical figures, they are to play a positive role in shaping the history of future generations.

Whilst the Year 9’s grappled with the more troublesome periods of time, asking some fundamental questions – what led to the First World War and why did the world fall again into a second World War? Are we falling into the same mistakes of the past and can the world survive another war? In their explorations and investigations, the Year 9’s took on the role of a United Nations representative and proposed strategies to make the world a safer place, and resolve conflicts and oppression.
They walked down the road of the freedom fighters throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to realise what it takes to leave a lasting legacy and contribute to positive change in the world. In their quests and explorations of these great figures of the past, the Year 9’s resolved to aspire to greatness as well. And in the words of Malcom X, they ponder…
“To the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Year 10’s found themselves dealing with ‘different stuff’ this year - questioning the validity of historical fiction, digging up the past with archaeology, discovering the most heroic and villainous people in history. The Year 10’s also witnessed the unfolding of uprisings and revolutions. Every moment and time period wasn’t left undiscovered, like curious detectives Year 10 uncovered truths and hidden facts from the world that hadn’t been considered for hundreds and thousands of years. The highlights of Year 10 History included myth busting documentaries, uncovering the mysterious character King Arthur, ground breaking artefacts from the volcanic areas of Pompeii and even becoming historical figures themselves. Year 10 didn’t just study History, they made history!

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