Arabic and Islamic Studies

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “Seek the knowledge from the cradle to the grave” - this is the value of learning in Islam.

The Arabic language is regarded as the language of the holy book, Al-Quraan, the Sunnah and the hadeeth. It is the only language that has remained preserved in its original form for centuries across the long history of humanity.

Here at Al Noori Muslim School, we teach the language from a basic to an advanced level. We are also trying to maintain the concepts of this language and make it enjoyable.

This year was a great success! We had the opportunity to teach children about practical situations and daily life. Students learnt about energy and jobs in the community and these topics were integrated with other subjects and units.

This year, Year 8 had the opportunity to write their Arabic narratives about life’s experiences, particularly within the ‘Shopping’ and ‘Healthy Food’ units. They presented their narratives and shared their ideas in groups, strengthening their level in Arabic.

It is vital to learn the language through which our students discover our religious principles.

We wish our students all the success in learning the Arabic language, in order to pass it on to upcoming generations and spread the words of Allah (swt) to others.

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