Legal Studies

It has been a very exciting year for our Legal Studies students at Al Noori! The course explores how the law applies in practical situations. Special emphasis is placed on how the law concerns the young, especially regarding their rights and obligations. These rights and obligations are explored through the mandatory Crime and Human Rights topics. The course has a strong international focus in Year 12 through the' Global Environmental Protection' and 'World Order' focus studies.

A highlight of the course (HSC) is an excursion to the Downing Centre District Court to witness real criminal cases InshAllah.

Students undertaking Legal Studies at Al Noori had the opportunity to examine the role and impact of the law on various groups and individuals within Australian society in a variety of legal contexts. In Term One, students learnt about the importance of both Australia's legal system and also its judiciary system. In Term Two, students explored the nature of cyber-crime by studying the individual and technology, and the use of DNA when solving crimes. Term Three gave students an opportunity to learn about children, young people and the laws that affect them. Finally, in Term Four, the start of the first HSC cohort, students were given the opportunity to apply their knowledge of the preliminary course and challenge themselves as they strived to beat their personal best.

We look forward to a successful HSC for Al Noori's first cohort of senior students to graduate InshAllah.

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