In February 2014, the new library at Al- Noori Muslim High School opened its doors for the first time – much to the delight of students, teachers and parents. The library has several outstanding features, including 16 research computers, a senior study room, comfortable reading areas and an OPAC catalogue, which allows students to search the library resources.

Throughout the year, the library has promoted and organised a variety of activities, including: a Scholastic book fair; a book fair and competitions for National Numeracy and Literacy Week; and displays and competitions for National Science Week. The library has been particularly fortunate to have a dedicated group of Year 9 girls enthusiastically decorate the library during these events. I would like to thank these girls for their hard work and outstanding artwork.

Finally, I would like to thank Mrs Abir Abdallah (Primary School Librarian), for her tireless efforts in helping set up the high school library.

Mrs Rayyan Sheikh

(High School Librarian)

Contact Information

Al Noori Muslim School
75 Greenacre Road
Greenacre NSW 2190

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8am to 4.30pm

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