Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Music is a universal language that speaks to all regardless of boundaries and borders. Music has been proven to assist with other subjects including Mathematics, English and Technology.

Year 8 have been engaged in Music classes throughout 2014 as part of the mandatory requirements in Stage 4 Education. Lessons in Music have been thoughtfully structured to cater for all learner types utilising technology and stipulated resource materials available.

Year 8 boys and girls have developed their skills in keyboard playing, specifically learning how to read, write and perform on piano keyboards. Students have enjoyed learning about various instruments, including those from other cultures and immersing themselves in diverse musical genres. Year 8 have composed, produced and performed confidently, demonstrating mature decorum with sensitivity to global issues and Islam.

Term 3 was particularly insightful into the creative minds of the students with small groups expected to write, produce, perform and film an original work based on rap music ideas. Students delivered strong pieces of music exploring world topics and ideas affecting disadvantaged people and minority groups suffering persecution. Their rap projects were submitted and have formed part of their assessable work for 2014.

I am personally very proud and honoured to have worked with Year 8 throughout 2014. I look forward to next year’s challenges and responsibilities at Al Noori Muslim School. I want to congratulate the fine effort made by all Year 8 students and the maturity they have shown in taking their Music studies seriously. The success of Creative Arts is continuously possible with the support of parents and the entire school community.


Mr Sgammotta

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