In 2014, the PDHPE department fostered the learning, growth and development of our Year 7 to 10 students in both the theory and practical components. Students have engaged in various activities that have allowed them to better understand health with a holistic approach, by learning to incorporate and balance their physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual health.

The highlight for our PDHPE students has been the implementation of the AFL program in Term 3. With the help of the PDHPE teachers, this program was run by AFL NSW/ACT, specifically the GWS Giants, who promote multicultural sporting opportunities for male and female students.

This program allowed students to learn and develop new skills by introducing them to a game that the majority of students are inexperienced with. The coaches and PDHPE staff utilised the Game Sense approach in order to make learning more fun and engaging for all students (even for the ones who try to squirm their way out of PE and Sport lessons!!).

The coaches did a fabulous job of ensuring all students were treated with respect and were given equal opportunities to learn and implement the skills required to play modified games of AFL. The coaches were extremely impressed with the development of the students’ skills and with the overall enthusiasm to learn and participate in physical activity. The program has now created more opportunities for students to engage in AFL programs and competitions outside the schooling arena.

In addition to this, the PDHPE staff also selected four boys’ teams and three girls’ teams to compete in the first Muslim Schools Cricket Gala Day. The students had a fun and exciting day out competing against students from other schools. The girls’ teams won a number of games and the boys’ teams took out the finals, winning both the junior and senior divisions.

The PDHPE staff are excited about introducing more health and sporting opportunities for the students and staff at Al Noori Muslim School in the years to come.

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