In relation to sport, this has been a busy year. In Term One, our boys and girls enjoyed a weekly sports program within the available venues. The girls made use of our new grass facilities, tennis courts, hall and table tennis room whilst the boys engaged in weekly sporting competitions including soccer, Oz tag, tee-ball and touch football.

Term One also saw the establishment of the Al Noori School Gym, which has enabled our students to enjoy the best of cardio and strength equipment available, while at school. Our Year 11 students have certainly enjoyed private use of the gym in Term Two during lunch time.

The gym has been welcomed by students and staff alike and Insha’Allah will in future be used outside school hours.

Despite the rain, the primary Athletics Carnival was conducted on the high school grounds with the help of our reliable Year 10 boys and girls, as well as our PDHPE staff who overlooked all activities on the day. The students did a fantastic job acting as role models for our primary students and putting a big smile on their faces.

In Term Two, our girls were given an opportunity to go to the National Sports Club to enjoy both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. They also had access to a ladies only gym, while the boys continued their program at Roberts Park.

In Term Three, students from Years 7 to 10 were involved in a weekly AFL program as part of their PDHPE unit of work and Insha’Allah they will be participating in Bashar Al Houli Cup early in Term Four. Our boys and girls were also involved in a soccer Gala day with other Muslim schools.

Insha’Allah 2015 will be even bigger and better.

Mr. Merheb

Sports Co-ordinator

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