Visual Arts

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun!’ - Albert Einstein

Having fun is exactly what we did in Year 7 Visual Arts this year. Using our imaginations and a range of other materials, Miss Vassallo and the Year 7 students covered a broad range of artistic areas including; drawing, cartooning, architecture, mosaics, painting, sculpture, photography, filmmaking and graphic design, self-portraits, super heroes, Islamic mosaics and architecture, Claymation films and graphic design products.

It’s been an exciting, colourful and imaginative year displaying the artistic and creative talents of all students. The highlight of our year was the Claymation filmmaking day during Term 3. Students created clay puppets and used stop motion photography to create short films. This was definitely a day where our intelligence was having a lot of fun.

The Year 7 Art classes have demonstrated such amazing skills and talents in Creative Arts, decorating the walls of the schools with bright, colourful and creative masterpieces.

“Creativity is…

Taking risks
Making mistakes
And having fun.”
                 – Mary Lou Cook

And in 2014, that’s exactly what we did!

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