Key learning areas
Class teachers provide instructions in the six key learning areas prescribed by the NSW Board of Studies.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and its Environment
  • Physical Education, Health and Personal Development
  • Creative and Practical Arts

In addition Arabic is taught under the Boards's language program
Languages Other than English

Literacy and Numeracy

Al Noori has a consistent and invaluable literacy and numeracy approach which is embedded in our daily teaching. ESL classes are also conducted to assist with difficulties in the English language. Al Noori provides a coherent framework for achieving improvement in students' literacy and numeracy outcomes. Various initiatives are undertaken to portray literacy and numeracy as not only essential but fun and meaningful as well. These initiatives include:


premiers reading challenge

book week events

writing competitions

Literacy / Numeracy week rotational activities


super speller highlights




problem solving questions of the week

questions of the day - basic skills grades

maths parade

maths talk

maths blocks

Arabic and Islamic studies
Students receive daily instructions in Arabic and Islamic Studies

Languages other than English (Arabic)

Students learn Arabic to develop communication skills, focusing on the language as a system and gaining insight into the relationship between language and culture
Islamic Studies
Student learn about the doctrine, the Holy Book, history of the religion and lives of the Prophets, religious observations, social interactions, morals and manners.

Contact Information

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